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About Us

“Transtec Lighting” is a brand of Bangladesh Lamps Limited(BLL), is the pioneer of world class lighting products in Bangladesh and the only lighting company in the country listed in the stock market. It was incorporated in 1962 as a subsidiary of PHILIPS, Holland NV and started manufacturing Philips bulbs in the then East Pakistan. In 1993, TRANSCOM one of the leading & fastest growing diversified local business conglomerates acquired the full operation of BLL & continued manufacturing, selling & marketing Philips bulbs in Bangladesh under license agreement from Philips Holland NV.

With the vision to light up Bangladesh with affordable and efficient lighting solutions, in year 2000 Transcom launched its own light bulb brand “Transtec” manufactured in BLL plant. Soon after BLL started assembling energy saving CFL and invested in fluorescent tube light production line. All lighting products manufactured in BLL’s ISO certified plant are tested in its modern R&D facility and has BSTI and BUET test certification.

Keeping pace with global technological advancement and changing preferences of consumers, in 2016 BLL launched its latest energy saving and eco-friendly LED lighting range under Transtec brand. For the last 57 years, BLL has lit up millions of household in Bangladesh. Today the journey continues with Transtec LED lighting solutions transforming residential, commercial & industrial spaces in Bangladesh with modern technology.

Company timeline

  • The first light manufacturing company in Bangladesh established 
  • Transcom Group aquired Bangladesh Philips Lighting Company
  • Bangladesh’s only 5 Star rated CFL Light production begins
  • Indroduced Tube Light with high quality anode strip
  • Aligned with the latest technology LED Light production starts 
    • Introduced Bright LED Blub & Tube Light
  • Introduced Mosquito Bat & Accessories GSS, PSS, Piano & MCB

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