Since 1993

GLS Clear Bulb

Key features

  • Contains no mercury, so environment friendly
  • Emits it’s rated brightness immediately
  • Argenta GLS gives soft light, less harsh. Comfortable for eye contact
  • Anti-insect GLS is comfortable for outdoor lighting and keeps away insects
  • Fuse wire is used, for more safety
  • Flicker Free and instant start
  • Various Colors are available in Luster & Candle


Technical Specifications

Watt Lumen Base Cap Size
25W Clear 220 B22/E27 E-50
40W Clear 350 B22/E27 E-50
60W Clear 630 B22/E27 E-50
100W Clear 1150 B22/E27 A-75
200W Clear 2920 B22/E27 E-75